tag which is used to load the Maps JavaScript API. They've been around for five years. In the future, Angela is particularly excited about how ridesharing apps will continue to use Maps and Routes to optimize their businesses. But they were basically saying, there's a lot of solutions out there for doing the actual analytics, the calculations. So your first $200 of Maps API spend is free every month. And last year, there were five games released using that API. MARK MIRCHANDANI: What was your biggest surprise when you tried this? Where you can basically just say Cloud Scheduler, which is basically managed cron, and you just say, OK, well, at 9 o'clock, turn my machine on. And we will be looking into it further. As Angela describes Google Maps at a high level, it is your window into the real world, with coverage of Earth’s land and oceans. But a lot of people have talked about Helm, and I've only really, really been at the highest level of Helm. MARK MANDEL: OK, so yes. Do more with Bing Maps. And it'll do all the nice dependency changes and all the things I need to change that way, so that I can change that platform as I need to change it, which is really nice. In the bottom left corner, you'll notice a small box with a photo of the building. Learn more. So it's super cool to kind of go into these customer areas, and talk to them, and be like, hey, well, why is this important? Jésus Le Dieu De Miracle, Coupe Dicaprio Jeune, Beauté Divine Tarif, Numero Unique D'enregistrement De Demande De Logement Social Perdu, Projet Pédagogique école De Rugby Ffr, " /> ras angela google maps

ras angela google maps

Super, super cool stuff. And from that, we have expanded our API to game developers to enable real world gaming, where there is a Playable Locations API, where game developers can identify where are good places for people to have real world interactions with things in the game. And so Helm's really nice in that first of all, it has a series of what they call stable charts and the chart is the package, basically. ANGELA: We have this live. So one of the big things in the Android Google Maps app is the augmented reality walking directions, which really helps people navigate, especially in big cities, when they're trying to orient themselves. --that are specialized for different kinds of data. MARK MANDEL: And it sounds there's-- so there's a couple of games that have been using it. I want to throw in brand names here because I know them. Speaking of last week, actually, we were also talking about ways to save money on Google Cloud. And you can process really huge data sets, and be able to visualize them, and really communicate and tell stories about what is important in that data, that you just couldn't really surface before. But one of the most successful ones is like "Walking Dead." Besides delicious, I'm sure. I mean, you were just mentioning earlier the AR and kind of the things that people have built with it. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. And as I'm out there talking with developers and learning how they use our APIs, I bring that back to the product teams. Yeah. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Yeah, I think a lot of people have used Google Maps, I mean, hopefully to kind of replace some of the older mapping stuff. Google Maps is more than just driving directions. MARK MANDEL: There's a big rock? So you are that ride sharing company. MARK MIRCHANDANI: It's a long last name, so Mark Mandyel, right? And it's very important to whoever cares to connect to that thing to know where that is. Trova attività commerciali locali, visualizza mappe e trova indicazioni stradali in Google Maps. It's super awesome to kind of bring more customization. Funktion. And what I am most passionate about is augmented reality and seeing that go beyond just the gaming applications about augmented reality, but also how we see the data on the world around us overlaid. MARK MANDEL: That sounds great. MARK MANDEL: Yeah, aptly named. Yeah, like that, and the Himalayas. MARK MANDEL: Yeah, you should. ANGELA: MARK MIRCHANDANI: And so the process for someone to get started, just like any other API, they can just go to the GCP console, enable the Maps API, get the key, and then start with any of those tutorials, right? Welcome to the Google Maps Help Community, Introducing Google Assistant driving mode in Maps (Early Preview for Android US), Hi everyone, This preview of Google Assistant driving mode is first rolling out to Android users in …, A new way to discover what’s happening with Google Maps, Hi everyone We are excited to announce a change on Google Maps that will make it easier for you to f…, Get easily to your favorite places with the Go Tab on Google Maps, Hi Google Maps Users, We are thrilled to announce a very exciting feature in Google Maps: the Go Tab…. Looks like I'm going first this week. MARK MIRCHANDANI: So maybe if Kubernetes is too complicated for you, like it is for me, then it might make a lot of sense to do something a lot simpler, depending on your workload. [MUSIC PLAYING] MARK MANDEL: Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. MARK MIRCHANDANI: It'd be nice to have a map saying, hey, go here. ANGELA: Get directions, maps, and traffic for Angela, MT. Mark's here. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Yeah, I mean, there was an update. The next level of that is also, how do I either delete that, say I don't want it anymore, and make sure it cleans everything up? And so our team, obviously, is going to learn a lot from it. I mean, like you were saying, you're pulling in a tremendous amount of data. Hi, I'm well. Game developers can create rich experiences by building real-world gaming situations with Maps and augmented reality. ANGELA: MARK MIRCHANDANI: That's a good claim to make. The latest version of QGIS is QGIS 3.0 that comes with many and exciting new features for the old and new users. And it's going to go and create all the YAML that needs to be created to basically specify, OK, this is how the Redis configuration should see set up. Cannot change Home Address in google maps. So having that kind of translation and overlay to help me kind of figure out where to eat or where is this place that I was told to go to that I can't figure out. One of the biggest trends that we see is the big data visualization. Because geolocation around mobile device is kind of critical information for anyone that's moving around. They're getting rid of some dependencies inside the Kubernetes cluster itself. He has built a prototype of tracking bike-sharing bikes and where they're moving around. Can you tell me? MARK MANDEL: Pretty much. Or if you're a business and organization, and you want to track your physical assets out there in the world. TypeScript support on Google Maps Platform We've made it easier for JavaScript developers to use TypeScript with Google Maps Platform through code snippets, samples for the web, and a new Node.js client library. MARK MIRCHANDANI: --specific logic and any terms that are tied into what you're trying to do. MARK MANDEL: What makes this particular version for Android particularly special? These Google Maps tricks are pretty handy -- you should learn them. It would be. MARK MIRCHANDANI: It's just-- I think everyone can-- maybe not everyone can relate to maps, but everyone can relate to sandwiches. MARK MIRCHANDANI: I think it'd be really cool. MARK MANDEL: Oh no, it's in my head. Or if they have ideas for ways that our libraries could perform better, have at it. We're still planning out the rest of the year. Hi, and welcome to episode number 181 of the weekly Google Cloud Platform podcast. Because the business logic might say start it up early, whatever it is. ANGELA: Yeah. So what is Helm? MARK MANDEL: Yeah. GCP Podcast Episode 50: Helm with Michelle Noorali and Matthew Butcher podcast. Yeah, we have a really great technical writing team. This map was created by a user. Google works hard to keep that information updated with satellite pictures, street view Google vehicles, and even backpacks for hikers to record hard to reach areas. Angela Lang/CNET On Thursday, Google shared how it uses artificial intelligence for its Maps app to predict what traffic will look like throughout the day and the best routes its users should take. MARK MANDEL: Yeah, do I need to do that? ANGELA: MARK MANDEL: I mean, we had zombies. Degoma. marker.setMap(map); MARK MIRCHANDANI: Yeah. MARK MIRCHANDANI: So it sounds like a super cool concept. And so it handles that sort of create, install, upgrade, delete lifecycle of complex Kubernetes applications. I just looked it up. I think we've tried to make it as simple as possible. Where's the earth sandwich side of San Francisco? ANGELA: Yeah, real world gaming is a big trend. So like, sweet, awesome. We have from the most simple just show a map to actually call a complex distance matrix to figure out all of the different times and distances of multiple routes to get from point A to point B. Using the Places API can display parks, government buildings, and other interesting places beyond streets. É provável que este conteúdo não seja mais relevante. It has some details of what happened around networking and network capacity. We have one for the project I work on, which it works on Agones. ANGELA: I mean, it just basically has Cloud Scheduler calling Cloud Functions, and that's about it. And at 5 o'clock, turn it off. ANGELA: MARK MIRCHANDANI: That seems cheap. MARK MANDEL: So yeah, I think, Mark, you were just like, I don't know who this is, Mark. MARK MIRCHANDANI: I mean, it's just like a great place, especially to start understanding, like if you're going to throw up something as simple as a website or if you want to do something much more advanced, like huge asset repos. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Very cool. Don't go here. Zhopa #1. Ứng dụng này ngày càng chính xác và So it gives you some background and also tells you a little bit about how you can use the thing using Google Cloud's HTTPS load balancer and how to configure it, and sort of patents that you can use as well for that. But we also have a very rich database of places, so that includes businesses, but also just general places, like parks or government buildings. MARK MANDEL: Excellent. It can be used for something as simple as showing location to something more complicated, for example showing the user specific things around them to help them make decisions. And we have a bunch of REST APIs. And then instead of having to convert in your mind to minutes and seconds, it's actually just decimal. Recherchez des commerces et des services de proximité, affichez des plans et calculez des itinéraires routiers dans Google Maps. Basically, that takes us out of their release cycle and puts us on a more frequent release cycle. So with that, we try to encourage and enable more of that experimentation and playing around before it starts to cost you anything. MARK MIRCHANDANI: So if you get a chance, check out the Kubernetes Twitter and the Kubernetes Podcast Twitter, which have a lot of cool content over the past few weeks about the fifth anniversary. And all of that is provided in tutorials. Azezo. Open map. If you have a question you would like to hear answered, please send us an email with the question, and we’ll endeavour to answer it on the show. If you don't have your own data set, you can play with these public data sets and do really interesting things, just to practice that muscle and see what you can do in terms of data visualizations of location based data. MARK MIRCHANDANI: But before we get to that, we've also got to talk about our question of the week, which in this time will be a little bit about Kubernetes and what is Helm, the packet manager for Kubernetes. And that's all fine and dandy, but at the end of the day, someone's got to look at those and make decisions based off of it. Mm-hmm. MARK MIRCHANDANI: They've been doing some good stuff. It tracks when did new versions come up, what version is kind of live, what version is available in the repo-- pretty comprehensive. If you don't want Google to track where you go, turn on the new incognito mode. But yes, before we get into all of that, we do have our cool things of the week. Made with Google My Maps ... Made with Google My Maps. Made with Google My Maps. Yeah, and so there are videos where people document themselves putting a piece of bread on this specific latitude and longitude and their partner doing it on the other side. I should make note-- Helm 3 is coming up. But really, what that means for me is I care a lot about how the developers experience our APIs. And it sounds like so that's being charged as a separate product. Tell us what Google Maps is. Maybe there's some configurable values, that kind of stuff. The third version of that is that you might have an application yourself. Add my new address to Google Maps please! And there will be a lot more this year. And everyone's kind of mentioned all these products and translations. MARK MANDEL: Yeah, so very excited about this upcoming acquisition, so keep you updated on how it all goes. And all the dependencies are all set up, and it's good to go. You kind of send it some information, and it translates it. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. In this case, there's a really, really quick write up on how to turn on and off compute instances with functions. So that's really helpful for business--. Rosangela Coelho. var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: myLatlng, title:"Title of Marker" }); Then add the marker to your Google Maps object by calling setMap(). MARK MIRCHANDANI: Like a ride share company, for example. So that's one of the things that we announced at I/O, was integration with deck.gl that we're really excited for our developers to try. Cool. And of course, if updates get rolled out of that, like a normal package manager, you can say, oh, there's updates available. Learn how to create your own. But I think that's a really great example of using IoT data, displaying it on a map and being able to make a lot better decisions based on that data. ANGELA: Yeah, you're here, too. OK, so what does that mean? MARK MIRCHANDANI: I mean, now they're obligated. I'm particularly excited by this. Vous trouverez ci-dessous les indications routières de 09010 Chia à Ras Angela sur Google Map. And it's one of the simplest APIs to use. So I'm really excited to see what's possible with-- ridesharing companies are really doing very complex routing with us. Every week, we go through a “Cool Thing” - it could be a great project running on Google Cloud Platform, a fantastic tip or trick on Google Cloud Platform, an Open Source project or really just about anything we think is new and innovative. It's funny that you mentioned Mercator projection. I don't know what those are. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Oh, don't worry. ANGELA: And I think there'll be more articles in that same vein about deep dives for networking. Fantastic. MARK MIRCHANDANI: It sounds like we're not far, right? The latitude and longitude, I think you might be used to seeing it expressed in minutes and seconds in this [INAUDIBLE]. O Studio Rosângela Oliveira está há mais de 30 anos realizando um especial atendimento com qualidade e dedicação, sempre com profissionais capacitados nas mais novas tendências. But there's anywhere that you have a custom vocabulary I think is always useful. And there are a lot of rendering improvements for performance. And you're seeing a geolocation of one of your drivers, and they're nebulously off of a road. Learn how to create your own. So wherever you are, you can see zombie attacks coming. You should give me grief for that for a long time. Sandwiches are great. ANGELA: Als monomeres GTP-bindendes Protein nimmt es die Funktion eines regulierten molekularen Schalters ein, mit dem zelluläre Prozesse an- oder abgeschaltet werden können.Ras wechselt dabei zwischen zwei Zuständen, in denen es entweder GTP gebunden hat (RasG) … It's actually super, super cool. Exactly. MARK MIRCHANDANI: We might get in trouble for that. What are some good examples? ANGELA: And so all of those APIs are available through the Maps Platform. 2. Problems happen. Are you going anywhere cool, doing any neat content? Just in case that does happen. ANGELA: Thank you for having me. Nous ne pouvons pas garantir l'exactitude et / ou ils sont à jour. Learn how to create your own. I will be at the inside event, talking about game stuff. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Wait, we're here in San Francisco. ANGELA: At. MARK MANDEL: Well, at least if we've said so in the podcast, they have to do it. So if you're like, I want to install multi cluster Redis, for example, I can go look for the Redis Helm chart. They have all these layers that you can put over a Google Map--. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. ANGELA: You've specified that you want this many nodes in it. So it's actually super cool to kind of listen on those and be like, oh, wow, this is awesome. It's going to be a much more lightweight installation. And something I didn't know before I joined Google Maps was not only are there Street View vehicles, but there are Street View backpacks for hikers to take. I do like a good sandwich. Qual a diferença entre o desenho ou "mapa de criança" e os "mapas de adulto", que frequentemente encontramos nos atlas e livros escolares? There are some configurable values that I can push through there. And you can't do that without basically being able to visualize it or summarize it in a meaningful way. I could even publish that publicly if I wanted to as well, so other people could take advantage. I'll take credit for it, thank you. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Geogr. And yeah, just anything where data is overlaid on the physical world around you, I love that. MARK MIRCHANDANI: So what does Agones do? Or does it make it simpler? Ras Ennghela is situated nearby to Ras ben Sakka. Where should I go? MARK MIRCHANDANI: So there's location. So Helm 3 is actually a full rewrite of Helm. I know things. So Helm is an open source project. And now it's possible to process these really complex decisions. MARK MIRCHANDANI: What is an earth sandwich? And so that becomes super nice. New Translate API capabilities can help localization experts and global enterprises, Google Cloud networking in depth: Cloud CDN, Save money by stopping and starting Compute Engine instances on schedule, An update on Sunday’s service disruption, Visualizing data from Firebase on a Google Map, “Spaceship Atmosphere 02” by RICHERIandTV of, “At the jazz concert Crowd laugh.wav” by Ftom_woysky of. So there is actually only, I think, 4% the world that you could have a land to land sandwich. That's true. ANGELA: Usuário do Google. You've seen the famous Street View cars driving around on the streets, capturing, really at that address level and at that building level, what you see on the streets. So if you want to have includes, or you want to do loops around stuff, basically being able to generate that YAML file sort of on the fly, there's a lot of nice tooling in there that allows you to do that, too. So hopefully, someone who hears this is like, I can do this, and just builds that kind of restaurant finder or place finder. Shared with you. Welcome to the Bizerte google satellite map! MARK MIRCHANDANI: The formula's written on the back of your hand. ANGELA: MARK MANDEL: Yeah. Right? Já tem um Perfil (Ficha) no Google Meu Negócio/Google Maps? And augmented reality arrows that kind of show you exactly where to walk, those are very helpful. How does this end up being a user experience? And it's dependent on maybe Redis and maybe several other things. Thank you, Mark and Mark. MARK MIRCHANDANI: I don't know if we can top zombies. She also looks forward to more augmented reality projects beyond gaming, where data, directions, and more are overlaid on the physical world. You can still use Helm 2. Exactly, yeah. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. So you're standing on a street, and you're like, that place is 3 stars. Does that answer your question, Mark? Well, now you can kind of specify those and really get some really cool results. Libya. Because everybody has their own view of the world. Is that billing unified with the cloud? Welcome to the Al Jazirah al Hamra' google satellite map! Map Information (roads, oceans, residential addresses) Hi, the postal code for 108 rue de Biencourt in Blainville, QC Canada is J7K 0H7 not J7K 1K5. We say the problem of showing a map and dropping a pin on it has been solved for 10 years. And if Mercator is your favorite, then you're kind of just like a lemming that goes along with whatever's fed to you in the world. Or how does that work? It's just what I do for fun. Renove-se em boas mãos! Because whenever I travel to a foreign country, and it might be harder for me to understand or it's a very dense place, it can be really hard to match up an address to a building that has no numbers on it. We have announced that Google has entered in to a definitive agreement to acquire Looker. And you might be like, oh, cool I have this application. And say I want this in memory database, so you pull down the chart, and you kind of deploy it. It's Google Cloud networking in depth Cloud CDN. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Super simple, maybe four lines of code. Were there any other kind of cool announcements from I/O? Every week we take questions submitted to us by our audience, and answer them live on the podcast. It's all on the Google Cloud Platform YouTube channel. We invest a lot in keeping our documentation up to date. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. But yeah, Helm's really nice. ANGELA: MARK MIRCHANDANI: Oh, and that's where the sandwich comes in. And we have Street View. Do I need to set up a separate account or anything like that? Google Maps gets a new feature -- here's how it works. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Awesome. And it sounds like people can go check out the episode 50 in order to see more of a deep dive about Helm and the direction they're going. All right, well, before we wrap up, Mark, what are you up to? Yeah. MARK MANDEL: Yes, and sandwiches. Because they not only have to go from point A to point B, but consider all these other stops in between and optimizations. MARK MIRCHANDANI: I feel, yeah, I've talked about it before. MARK MIRCHANDANI: Very cool. MARK MANDEL: Yeah, that's fine. See your My Map. Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys; Google Maps JavaScript API error: MissingKeyMapError; For web developers: If you have access to the source code of your application, look for the